Wholesale Precut Potatoes Brisbane

wholesale pre-cut potatoes Brisbane - SpudsRUsLooking for a wholesale prepared vegetable supplier in Brisbane? You’re in the right place.

Spuds R Us is a family-owned wholesale prepared vegetable supplier, and is recognised as one of the largest processors of potatoes in the country. We provide peeled and chopped vegetable products via our agent in Brisbane. From there, our veggies end up in hundreds of restaurants and catering establishments throughout Queensland.

Our Products

Although we are known for our expertly prepared potatoes, we offer onions and carrots, too. Most of our veggies are premium-grade, and are available prepared in a number of ways to suit your specific needs:

  • Potatoes: peeled whole (small and large varieties available), skin-on halved (ideal for roasting), peeled quartered, peeled sliced, and peeled diced.
  • Onions: peeled whole (red and white varieties available), peeled diced, and peeled sliced.
  • Carrots: peeled whole.
Wholesale Prepared Vegetable Supplies Brisbane
Wholesale Precut Potatoes Brisbane
Wholesale Prepared Vegetable Supplier Brisbane

If you’d like to see more photos of our products, head over to our Product Page.

How to Buy Wholesale Vegetables Brisbane

We sell our products wholesale to food manufactures, with a minimum order of 400kg.

If you’d like to purchase a smaller quantity, you can visit our approved agent, Queensland Salads and Potato Products at the Rocklea Markets, 252 Sherwood Road, Rocklea.


Find out more about the Rocklea Markets on their website.

About Queensland Salads and Potato Products

queensland salads for wholesale precut vegetablesQueensland Salads and Potato Products is a manufacturer of prepared fruits, vegetables, and salads that supplies both manufacturing and catering services in Brisbane and South East Queensland. The company prides itself on only purchasing top-quality produce to ensure the final product is fresh and delicious.

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