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[toggle title=”What is the precut vegetable quality like?” open=”no”]To ensure we source the best vegetables – we only buy from growers are HACCP certified
Our peeling processes enable us to provide a 99% skin free product that is ready for your food business.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Do you have regular farm suppliers?” open=”no”]Over the years we have established excellent relationships to ensure we have year round supply to meet our customers’ needs. Many of our growers have been trusted suppliers for generations.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How old are the vegetables?” open=”no”]Our raw vegetables are usually delivered to us within 7 days from harvest.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What is the recommended shelf life of your products?” open=”no”]Best outcomes are achieved when our peeled potato products are used within 5 days and onion products within 7 days.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What temperature should we store them?” open=”no”]All our products are delivered by refrigerated transport and should be immediately stored in a coolroom at less than 5 Degrees Celsius to maintain quality and shelf life.[/toggle]
[toggle title=”What are your delivery times?” open=”no”]Melbourne – we can deliver up to 500kgs within 24 hours
Sydney – delivery within 48 hours
Brisbane – delivery within 72 hours[/toggle]
[toggle title=”How are products delivered?” open=”no”]In Victoria our products are supplied in plastic pallecons to minimise product handling. For Interstate orders we use Chep plastic bins.[/toggle]